Program Management

Many of DHS’ staff has experience managing 100M+ programs and some have experience on multi-Billion-dollar infrastructure upgrades on major projects. In addition, select DHS staff has managed large complex programs for control rooms, grid operations, EV Chargers, service centers, battery storage, trailer management, NERC-CIP, substation upgrades, synchronous condenser (civil construction) and several others.

At DHS, we understand that all of our Clients have unique requirements and our qualified staff can deliver full service, tailored solutions from pre-construction planning, design management, construction, and close-out. We have proven success delivering large complicated programs with hundreds of projects spread across Southern California and the Central Valley. Our Program Management services includes:

  • Program development including programmatic framework and documents
  • Needs assessment
  • Budget development
  • Pre-construction planning
  • Design management
  • Bid package development
  • Value engineering
  • Constructability review
  • Bid assistance
  • Program Management
  • Claims avoidance and mitigation

Project Management

DHS program, project and construction managers provide value to our client and the project by using their experience, knowledge, lesson learned, intuition, creative thinking and our DHS 3A process. The DHS PM/CM methodology is a value and result-driven process that keeps daily discipline focused on Aligning, Achieving and Advancing the project to meet the scope, schedule and budget agreed upon by our client.

The DHS 3A Process also keeps a clear perspective on Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) issues that arise during the lifecycle of a project. All DHS professionals are required to use this process for planning, tracking and closing-out of his or her project.

Our Project Management professionals also understand the importance of risk management and mitigation and it is for this reason we employ a proactive management philosophy to help our Clients deliver successful projects on time, within budget and with as few claims as possible. At DHS we focus on delivering the best quality projects by focusing on the fundamentals of PM/CM while emphasizing continuous improvement, best practices and lessons learned. Our Project/ Construction Management services also include:

  • Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating/ Cost Management
  • Constructability/ Design Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Controls
  • Document Control

Construction Management

Our construction management professionals “sweat the small stuff” to ensure that your projects are delivered within budget, scope, and schedule with the quality that is expected. Our suite of services spans the entire project life cycle from pre-construction planning to project close out including:

  • Pre-construction support and services
  • Constructability Reviews/ Value Engineering
  • Cost control
  • Schedule Validation and Management
  • Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Safety
  • Construction coordination
  • Field engineering
  • Resident Engineering
  • Contract management
  • Post-construction and close-out
  • Start-up and commissioning


Inspection Services

DHS Consulting provides qualified inspectors with the proper training, certifications, and tools to deliver consistent and professional work products every time. Our inspectors understand that they are the “eyes and ears” of the Client and ensure that contractors comply with the project plans and specifications. We can provide experts in civil/ structural, utilities, OSHPD, DSA, and MEP systems across several market sectors including transportation, buildings, and energy & sustainability.

Risk Management Services

At DHS Consulting our approach to managing projects starts with identifying and understanding all the risks projects face before the projects start. We have assisted clients throughout the project delivery with our “Proactive Risk Management” philosophy by enacting practices prior and during construction that help finish the project early and minimize or eliminate the risk of claims. Our schedule analysis expertise provides a balanced perspective to see the entire picture of a potential dispute and offer risk management recommendations to reduce cost and project impacts. At DHS we understand that developing a detailed Risk Register is only the beginning of proper risk management and we have developed a Claims Avoidance & Risk Mitigation and resolution system as a comprehensive approach to protect the Owner contemporaneously rather than settling claims forensically.

Claims Analysis

DHS’ Principals and key staff have extensive experience settling claims for large public clients including LA Metro, City of Los Angeles, and Caltrans among many others. Though our services are customized to align with the Client needs and each claim resolution strategy, we employ our fundamentals and structured approach based on our actual lessons learned. Essential components of our approach include identification and detailed analysis of the main elements of a claim such as:

  • Breakdown of structure of claims and counterclaims - GC & AE claims to Owner, Owner claims to GC & AE
  • Assessment of technical entitlement - delineation and quantification of all party components and responsibility for each element of each claim including labor, material, equipment and overhead for GC, AE responsibility including E&O and standard of care and resulting damages to owner
  • Provide detailed analysis for each individual item in claim to ensure it is accurate and defensible and assist in final resolution strategy
  • Claim resolution strategies and approaches are created based on all factors including timing, delivery method (design-bid-build vs. design-build vs. CMAR, etc.) and actual project factors.

Process Improvements and Lean Six Sigma Assessments

In today’s work environment, companies have to be lean, flexible and innovative in order to be competitive in the marketplace. Efficient processes greatly contribute to operational effectiveness. Improving processes is extremely difficult to do “within” an organization. DHS uses proprietary methodologies and lean six sigma professionals to analyze a process to identify waste, redundancy, and latency. The results of the analysis are then transformed into a streamlined results-driven process. At DHS, we know what it takes to be effective and efficient.

DHS can help you tweak or even transform your process to delivery better results. DHS provides the following services:

  • Current Methodology and Process Flow Assessment
  • Gap Analysis Assessment
  • LEAN and Six Sigma Analysis
  • Process Documentation & Redesign
  • Technology Assessment and Integration
  • Process Implementation and Staff Training


DHS offers a variety of BIM and CAD services to support the planning, design, construction, commissioning and operations of facilities and major projects. BIM models are increasingly being used by our clients for as-builts, space planning, resource allocations, and system controls. BIM models are being by Facility and System Managers to better controls their systems by using 3D models to track the maintenance and planned outages. DHS has experienced BIM modelers that develop fully interactive and controllable models that can be control online via Building Management Systems (BMS) or in the physical space with 3D printed models.


DHS provides the expertise needed to proactively manage and track budgets using best practices and industry standard software. Our project controls professionals are skilled at designing comprehensive, logic-driven, resourced-loaded Primavera P6 schedules. In addition to managing the controls system, DHS brings the knowledge and strategy needed to effectively plan and execute a project. DHS provides resources that perform diligence on projects by tracking financial, staffing, operational and other information used in the projection of business opportunities. Our analysts perform analytical research, validations and audits to support internal and external cost control requirements.


Being better corporate citizens is on the top of every company’s agenda. DHS offers sustainability consulting and management services that provide clients with the expertise they need to identify, understand, manage and report on their social and environmental initiatives. DHS can help solve your sustainability challenges by assisting your internal team or by managing the process from inception to strategic planning and long-term execution.

Many companies are working from or towards a true triple bottom line that accounts for environmental and people related issues, in addition to profits and financial drivers. The reality is that is nearly impossible to do business without considering all three. DHS can help you proactively plan and mitigate your sustainability strategy to help reduce impacts and costs.

DHS can help solve your sustainability challenges by assisting your internal team or by managing the process from inception through strategic planning and long-term execution. Our value and results-driver sustainability professionals and project managers are focused on understanding your business’ unique challenges, so that we can develop solutions that help your company meet its sustainability goals, while being better corporate citizens and saving money.

DHS Sustainability Services:

  • Sustainability Assessments: DHS will identify core social/environmental impacts and develop solutions to reduce and/or eliminate those impacts. DHS will develop a sustainability roadmap for your company, division or organization.
  • Long-Range Sustainability Planning: Many companies have a vision for a triple bottom line but struggle with how to achieve the goal. Working with the executive team, DHS will create a sustainability plan to align with or strategize for a triple bottom line.
  • Sustainability Reporting: DHS will develop a sustainability report to share commitments and accomplishments with stakeholders and shareholders.
  • Sustainable Supply Chains: DHS will design a green supply chain and optimized product/service life cycles by identifying risks and opportunities to improve sustainability at every tier of the value chain.
  • Sustainability Programs: DHS will design a sustainability program to help educate and train individuals or division(s) on sustainable procedures and techniques during operations. These services including:
    • Current Methodology and Process Flow Assessment
    • Gap Analysis Assessment
    • Sustainability Analysis
    • Process Documentation & Design/Redesign
    • Technology Assessment and Integration
    • Process Implementation and Training
  • Green Audits: Companies want to understand how their operations are impacting the environment and how they can be improved. DHS offers a variety of sustainable auditing services that provide the exposure and tracking needed to make meaningful changes. The auditing services include:
    • Waste Reduction/Pollution Prevention (WRPP)
    • Design for Environment (DfE)
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Programs (3R)
    • Water Footprints
    • Carbon Footprints
    • Lifecycle Assessments (LCA)
    • Green Marketing
  • LEED Project Management: DHS has certified individuals to manage LEED projects from inception to closeout, including commissioning and certification.
  • Environmental Monitoring: DHS’ has certified Project Managers, Monitors and Analyst in several areas of environmental sciences that specialize in natural resource assessment and permitting field or in-field construction roles focused on environmental protection and compliance. Most monitors are SWPPP Practitioner/Developers (QSP/QSD) and experts in CEQA/NEPA regulations, depending on the specific needs of the project.