About Us

Our Vision & Leadership

Building bridges and roads, improving schools, modernizing the electrical grid —these aren’t just construction projects; they’re our future. We at DHS Consulting dedicate our lives to not only improving the present, but to also bettering the lives of generations to come. We help our clients solve tough challenges by providing the right people to develop the most efficient, beneficial, and innovative solutions. DHS Consulting is more than just a company—we’re a team of passionate people working for a better future.

Companies Don’t Build Projects
– People Do

At any given time, a company is only as strong as the people that work for it. No matter the company’s age or size, at the end of the day, it is the company’s current staff that provides the experience, expertise, and hard work necessary to get the job done. At DHS, we employ a strong, dynamic team with extensive and diverse experience in many facets of the industry, and our unique commitment to mentorship and lessons-learned ensures that one person’s prior experience becomes the DHS team’s experience. We maintain a detailed lessons-learned database to ensure that the invaluable, in-depth experience of both current and past employees is meticulously recorded and passed down for future use—because companies don’t build projects, people do.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Our people aren’t just problem solvers—at DHS, we are committed to anticipating problems before they happen and implementing proactive measures to mitigate risk. Our method increases overall efficiency and helps complete projects in a more timely, safe, and cost-efficient manner.

Dedicated to Health & Safety

At DHS, we understand that safe and ethical business practices are mandatory, not optional. We focus on proactively identifying hazards to keep our team safe, as well as comprehensively training our team in best practices so that they can keep themselves safe at all times. Any issue we encounter, along with our corresponding solution, is documented in our lessons-learned database so we know how to solve it in the future–or, more favorably, how to avoid it altogether. In every phase of our work, everyone’s safety is always our priority.

Every team has a leader.
Our team builds leaders.

In 2012, Sudhir Damle was driven by a passion for his work to take his extensive leadership experience and create DHS Consulting, Inc. In just 6 years, DHS has grown into a 100-person team of talented and passionate professionals led by division leaders Melanie Estes, Sunil Mallaiah, and Ali Sarhangian. While Melanie and Sunil joined DHS as division leaders, Ali worked hard in the past 5 years under DHS’s mentorship to rise through the ranks and lead the Energy Division. Our leaders know first-hand the power of hard work, passion, and vision, and lead their teams with the same guidance that helped them to be where they are today.

Meet the leadership team

DHS Leadership: Sudhir (Photo)Sudhir Damle has over 35 years of experience in program and construction management of mega projects, project controls, and claims management and resolution both in the U.S. and overseas. He has served as project controls manager for clients such as the City of Los Angeles Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Project, LAWA, SANBAG, and Metro for infrastructure projects in excess of $2 billion. Sudhir’s passion for project controls inspired him to develop the DHS system of proactive project controls, and to train each team member in this innovative system.

DHS Leadership: Melanie (Photo)Melanie Estes has over 27 years of experience managing construction programs and projects for clients throughout California including roads, bridges, ports, airports, and rail. She is an expert construction manager and has overseen the delivery of over $3 billion of public sector projects and services, including seven successive Caltrans on-call staff augmentation contracts throughout California. Melanie’s experience as a Resident Engineer, Construction Manager, and Program Manager in all modes of contract delivery, provides her with the breadth of knowledge needed to build a strong Transportation Practice and provide our clients with the highest level of service.

DHS Leadership: Sunil (Photo)Sunil Mallaiah has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining DHS, he was the Regional Director of Construction for the Facilities Department at the Los Angeles Unified School District, managing capital improvements worth over $2.5 billion—including the modernization of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities. Sunil has additional experience working for the Port of Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Denver International Airport. At DHS, Sunil is responsible for strategic planning and talent-acquisition for the Buildings Division—which serves education, port, airport, and healthcare sectors.

DHS Leadership: Ali (Photo)Ali Sarhangian has over 12 years of utility industry experience with progressive responsibilities from construction management to senior leadership positions. He has prior experience delivering complex projects including water/ waste-water treatment facilities, oil facilities, pump stations, building renovation projects and software implementation projects exceeding $1.5 Billion in project value. He is experienced in all aspects of the project lifecycle, including business case development, process improvement, feasibility studies, pre-construction, project management, project controls, commissioning, and close out. Ali has also served clients such as the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Port of Los Angeles (POLA), MEG Energy, Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD), and Southern California Edison (SCE). He is currently responsible for strategic planning, revenue growth, P&L, and overall management for the Energy Division including utilities, oil & gas companies, private and public agencies.