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Recent Corporate Real Estate Projects

Southern California Edison (SCE)

Camp Edison Administration BuildingCamp Edison Administration Building
Project Management, Construction Management, Project Controls
Shaver Lake, California

DHS provided project management, construction management and project controls to assist Edison with the remodel and construction expansion of the existing Camp Edison Administration Building with site improvements. Building occupancy limit of 23 was insufficient for peak staffing needs of 35 office staff and 40 field staff. Fire alarm and fire suppression systems were installed as well as installation of energy efficient LED lighting as is standard on SCE projects. Site improvements included pavement renovation for emergency vehicles and staff parking, demolition of the existing temporary trailer, and improved ADA compliance as necessary.

Control Building Modernization ProgramControl Building Modernization Program
Program, Project, Construction Management & Project Controls
SCE Territory, California

This program was implemented to upgrade current grid operation switching centers throughout the Edison territory, improving situational awareness and operating conditions. The program encompassed sixteen (16) locations, including the construction of five (5) new control buildings and the modernization of eleven (11) existing facilities. Improvements at these sites included building expansions, upgrades to building infrastructure, new control consoles and video walls for grid control. DHS Consulting, LLC. provided a comprehensive team (for Corporate Real Estate) that included a program manager, project managers, construction managers, design manager, scheduler, and project controls analysts.