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Recent Electric Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Projects

Electric Utility Client

Transmission Line Ratings Remediation (TLRR) ProgramTransmission Line Ratings Remediation (TLRR) Program
Project Management and Project Controls
Pomona, California

The TLRR program aims to mitigate potential electrical clearance issues on the Clients electrical system in support of NERC reliability. The program’s scope involves remediating more than 11,000 GO95 clearance discrepancies on the existing transmission and sub-transmission lines within the service territory—which had been identified using LiDAR technology and analysis. The program requires the support and coordination of three main groups—bulk transmission, sub-transmission, and distribution—that work together to meet the program’s compliance date of 2030 for all 115kV radial facilities and 2025 for remaining discrepancy remediation. DHS worked closely with multiple internal and external stakeholders, including federal state, and local agencies and was responsible for managing the project stages, such as scoping, environmental review, design, procurement, construction, and close out.

Distribution EngineeringDistribution Engineering
Engineering Support Services
Santa Ana, California

DHS Consulting recently won a new 3-year contract to support a large electric utilities Distribution Engineering groups including interconnection planning, automation, grid modernization and others. Our scope of work included capital project scoping, distribution automation device in‐servicing and automation engineering support, infrastructure replacement scoping, cable and conductor inventory, tie device restoration logic implementation and maintenance, programmable capacitor control support, generation interconnection system impact studies, worst circuit rehabilitation capital scoping, overhead conductor replacement scoping, branch line fuse capital scoping, grid modernization automation device scoping, underground conductor replacement scoping, and many others.

Southern California Edison (SCE)

New 220kV Double Breaker PositionNew 220kV Double Breaker Position
Construction Site Representative
Rosamond, California

DHS Consulting served as the owner’s representative on this $1,000,000 project ensuring safety, quality and construction standards are met throughout the construction phase of the project. DHS had two (2) resources assigned to the project and was responsible for managing the contract with the contractor, multiple work orders and the day-to-day construction operations. Some responsibilities included: contract negotiation, RFI/FCO resolution submittal and review, progress reporting, weekly onsite meetings, field observations, quality control inspection and buy-off, safety inspections and incident reporting.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)

Mission Substation ExpansionMission Substation Expansion
Construction Management
San Diego, California

The Mission Substation Expansion Project scope involves the yard expansion of two separate areas of Mission Substation for SDG&E. Major scope items at the 230kV and Control Shelter yard expansion areas include construction of approximately 500LF of reinforced concrete retaining walls, and approximately 200LF of brow ditch. Scope also includes re-contouring of the site in preparation for below grade construction. Scope of services included pre-construction planning, scheduling and contractor management.