Recent Wins for the Energy Division

Distribution Volt-VAR Control (DVVC) Program – Engineering Support

Client: Southern California Edison
Date: June 2018 – Current

DHS Consulting was recently awarded a new contract to support and plan for the continued advancement of modernizing the distribution grid at SCE. DHS will be involved in deploying technology aimed at reducing energy usage while improving voltage and reactive power needs, complying with Rule 2 Tariffs, and optimizing the use of automated equipment with real-time monitoring, data analysis, automation, and safety.

Our scope of engineering services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Improve existing process for implementing, maintaining, and performing measurement and verification of voltage and VAR optimization working with various distribution engineering groups.
  • The implementation process includes validating qualified locations where voltage and VAR optimization can be implemented and performing engineering analysis to determine applicable settings to accommodate the current distribution configuration.
  • The DHS team will be involved in reviewing, revising and documenting distribution system configurations and applicable optimization settings to accommodate dynamic changes to the system and improve performance of the program.
  • Measurement and verification includes providing technical support in maintaining and improving a performance monitoring tool that will automate data analysis using real time grid information. This will help target areas of improvement where voltage and VAR optimization has been deployed.

Mission 230kV Yard Expansion and Control Shelter

Client: San Diego Gas & Electric
Date: June 2018 – Current

DHS Consulting has been recently awarded a contract to provide a Resident Engineer to perform Construction Management services during the site development phase of the Mission 230kV Yard Expansion and Control Shelter. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Management Services
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Support bid package review and award process
  • Coordination of construction activities with onsite FCA and other key stakeholders
  • Engineering recommendations and support
  • Lead scheduling workshops
  • Project closeout