Grid Mod/ Renewables


Recent Grid Modernization/Renewable Projects

Southern California Edison (SCE)

Distribution Resource Plan (DRP) Field Demonstration Projects (C, D, E)
Engineering Consulting Services
Orange County & Mono County, California

The Distribution Resource Plan is part of SCE’s roadmap to the future and a requirement of the CPUC. It encompasses five key objectives that relate to customer choice of new technologies, affordability, competition in purchasing clean resources, safe and reliable power, and reducing green-house gas. To achieve these objectives there is a heavy focus on the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on a variety of platforms. The track 2 proceedings encompass three separate field demonstration projects to include Demo C, D, and E.

DHS currently provides technical and project management support for the three DRP field demonstration projects that have the following project scope:

Demo Project C – Validate Locational Net Benefit Analysis (LNBA)
Demo Project D – Distribution Operations with High DER Penetration
Demo Project E – Microgrid Demonstration

Microgrid Strategy
Engineering Support/Technical Leadership
Various, California

DHS Consulting staff supported the SCE core microgrid team in the development of the current behind the meter strategy that was presented to executive leadership. Along with involvement in the research, technical support, documentation, and strategic thinking, DHS staff provided strategic and technical support for new microgrid inquiries to SCE. This strategic technical leadership separates our team from other consultants providing similar program work. This expertise is providing the level of experience necessary to successfully manage similar DRP and Grid Modernization Programs.

Distributed Volt-VAR Controller (DVVC) Project
Engineering Consulting Services
Santa Ana, CA

DHS Consulting was recently awarded a new contract to support and plan for the continued advancement of modernizing the distribution grid at SCE. DHS will be involved in deploying technology aimed at reducing energy usage while improving voltage and reactive power needs, complying with Rule 2 Tariffs, and optimizing the use of automated equipment with real-time monitoring, data analysis, automation, and safety. Our scope of engineering services included improving existing processing for implementing, maintaining, and performing measurement and verification of voltage and VAR optimization working with various distribution engineering groups, voltage rise tables and dashboard development and automation.