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Recent Rail & Tunnel Projects

Los Angeles County Municipal Transportation Authority (LA Metro)

Division 20 Portal Widening Turnback Facility ProjectDivision 20 Portal Widening Turnback Facility Project
Prime Consultant
Construction Management Services
Los Angeles, CA

As Prime Consultant, DHS currently provides Construction Management Support Services for the $190M Division 20 Portal Widening Turnback Facility Project for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro). The Division 20 Project will serve to accommodate the increased service levels on both Metro Red and Purple Lines. To support this increase in service levels and overall ridership increase, Metro will make the following facility improvements: widening of the heavy rail tunnel portal south of the US-101 freeway, a new turnback facility, and expansion and reconfiguration of rail storage tracks. In addition, the installation of new tracks and switches will allow for overall improved service times at Union Station and will result in a global benefit in efficiency throughout the Metro Red/Purple Line system. 
Division 20 Portal Widening Turnback Facility Project
This project will also help to ensure safety and reliability on the system, sufficient capacity to serve future passengers, and a more effective operation of Metro’s expanding network.

Regional Connector Transportation Corridor ProjectRegional Connector Transportation Corridor Project
Teaming Partner
Construction Management Services
Los Angeles, CA

One of DHS’ early success stories with LA Metro includes the $1 Billion plus Regional Connector Transportation Corridor. This project constructs twin bored tunnels through ground conditions of cohesive alluvium soils and soft rock beneath the downtown urban environment. The RCTC, through the urban business district, will allow two train services connecting all lines-Eastside to Santa Monica and Pasadena to Long Beach connecting business and residents allowing them to go north, south, east and west through downtown on a one-seat ride. The RCTC will directly connect business and residential communities to museums, financial district and local theatres. As a major teaming partner on the Construction Management Support Services team, DHS works extensively on the project risk and claims mitigation strategy and approach. DHS provides key project team members, including the lead risk and claims mitigation manager, lead cost and scheduling manager and many supporting technical positions such as project controls engineers and claims analysts.